Dolan Design Lights

1STOPlighting is proud to be the ONLY e-commerce site that is 100% dedicated to Dolan Designs lighting lines. By providing the complete collection of Dolan Designs' diverse lighting lines, you can now easily find what you need without any distractions. Dolan Designs' cutting edge of design and quality of materials combined with 1STOPlighting’s reliable, customer based service will help you to meet all your lighting needs. Dolan Designs Lighting by 1STOPlighting is a proud member of the 1STOPlighting family of lighting web sites.

Dolan Designs has been dedicated to designing and producing unique lighting fixtures and updated interpretations of traditional lighting styles since 1993. Attention to detail in each step of the manufacturing process makes it possible for Dolan Designs to offer a breadth of  lighting fixtures at a surprisingly affordable prices.